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I'm on a Ship!

So it has been a little more than a week since I boarded The World Odyssey and it feels like it has been a lot longer (and I mean that in the best way)! The bus ride to Ensenada was rainy and surreal- I was mainly having day-nightmares that I forgot some form and that they would send me back as soon as I got there. The ride was supposed to take two hours, but we broke down about a mile from the place where The World Odyssey was docked. It was up and running in about 30 minutes, which wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t have to go to the bathroom extremely badly. Well I made it there, and that’s all that matters!

The first two days were orientation and an overload of names that are just now starting to stick in my mind. Now that I’m actually on the ship, I can relax a little bit… just a little. I have started classes and they are all taught by very accomplished and impressive teachers… who all like to assign a lot of reading. I know all of the things that are being taught will be very useful for my major/future career, but it is a little stressful. Also, what are weekends? That concept is long gone.

A question I have been getting recently is “So how is the food?” My answer: It is not bad! However, It looks like I will be eating mostly potatoes and pasta this semester. The water is drinkable but doesn’t taste very good. It has been described with charming words like “salty” and “milky”. Apparently it was picked up in Mexico and we didn’t get such a good batch. Luckily we should be getting more/better water at one of the upcoming stops- or so I hear.

I will say that I love studying outside on the deck and the weather has been perfect the last few days! As far as dancing goes, I have 14 people signed up for the dance club I put together (well actually we are “The Dancing Sea Stars” now. I joined forces with another group because our clubs were very similar) and I am waiting for a confirmation for the space reservation request I turned in and then we will be able to have our first meeting. I can’t wait to dance again! Also, Hawaii today!!!!

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