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How to Spend a *Chill* Weekend in New Braunfels this Winter

New Braunfels is known as one of the top summer spots in Texas. This is probably due to the abundance of opportunities to float in bodies of water, drink, and hang out on patios with live music. However, I'm here to offer this unpopular opinion: New Braunfels is arguably better in the winter- at least in some ways!

First of all, there's less crowds of bachelorette parties and cringy couples dancing in your space when you visit Gruene Hall. When I visited in the peak of tourist season I had a random woman actually pick up and move my drink over without asking- the audacity! Forget about having any sense of personal space or relaxation- it’s much too crowded for that.

In the winter however it’s much nicer. Gruene Hall’s lack of AC is a little more charming when you’re not in 90 degree heat. There’s also some other things to do in New Braunfels that can be even better in some ways in the winter. Like…

Spending the Day in Gruene

*Yes I'm aware this pic was taken at night. Lol sue me!*

It can be nice any time of year, but when you go in the winter there’s less crowds and it’s much more pleasant to walk around. Some of the restaurants, like the iconic Gristmill, take on a cozier and chiller vibe without the crowds. I’d recommend starting the day at Gruene Coffee Haus, walking around the shops, and ending up at Gruene Hall in time for music or to have dinner/lunch at of the delicious restaurants around.

Listen to some Live Music at Gruene Hall on a Chilly Winter Night

Grab a ticket for a night concert and enjoy the cozy vibes and good music.

Antique Shop at the Downtown Antique Mall

The Downtown Antique Mall is seriously one of the best antique stores I’ve ever been to. It’s big, but not so big that you get lost, and it’s got a cool variety of items to look through. From vintage clothes, to old toys, vintage globes, and pretty much anything you can think of, this is a great place to wander around on a chilly winter day. I definitely recommend visiting New Braunfels Coffee or Crosswalk Coffeehouse for your coffee first and walking around the other stores in the downtown NB area. Or visit 2Tarts for a yummy Oreo cupcake and some fresh iced tea.

Bask in the sun at Landa Park

Find yourself a bench in the sun and come prepared in your best winter clothes and enjoy the calm atmosphere and beautiful views. Wintery books recommended!

Spend the day at Camp FIMFO

Camp FIMFO Texas Hill Country always has something fun going on. Although I only worked there in the summer, I’ve kept an eye on their events and it looks equally as fun in the wintertime. There’s always something fun going on at the activities center- from s’mores to crafts and winter-themed events. It's also the perfect place to get outside!

Get Work Done or Read at Kora Kora Coffee

Kora Kora Coffee is a cute coffee shop located in Gruene Lake Village- which is also a fun area to explore when you’ve got time to kill. (photo from Kora Kora's Facebook page)

Waste some time at Buc-ee's

Let’s be real, Buc-ee's is always a good time. Do some Christmas shopping, grab some snacks, or just enjoy the immaculate bathrooms.

And those are some *chill* things you can do in New Braunfels in the colder months. While I’m sure there are also some cool Christmas events, my experience living in NB was from early January 2022 to August 2022. If you happen to be in NB in the new year, be sure to do some of these things.

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