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The Best Reading Spots in Auckland's CBD

If you're like me, you're always on the lookout for the best places to escape into a good book. While I was living in Auckland, I found quite a few. Here are some of my favorites...

1. Albert Park

This was my favorite spot in Auckland. If you can huff your way up the hill, it’s worth it for the limitless reading spots, towering trees, and bright blooms. Grab yourself a coffee at the Starbucks on Queen Street, get a workout climbing the hill, and enjoy the Sky Tower views as you read a good book.

2. Aotea Square

If you’re in the mood for people watching, hike on over to Aotea Square and find a bench or grab a coffee at Box Cafe and Bar, located on the outside of the Aotea Centre.

3. Albert Park Café

Don’t feel like climbing the hill to get to Albert Park? Settle for the comfy couch at Albert Park Café and grab a latte (and try not to be too weirded out that they put it in a glass instead of a mug...I will never understand this phenomenon).

4. Eighthirty (On High Street)

Eighthirty is another cute coffee shop located on High street across from Freyberg Square (which is also a great place to read on a nice day). The only down side? No Wifi ☹

5. The Coffee Club

If you want a great reading spot that also has great food and WiFi, The Coffee Club is a great choice. There’s locations basically everywhere but the one at Aotea Square was my favorite.

6. The Old Government House Lawn

I discovered this gem while touring the less-frequented attractions in Auckland. The governor of Auckland used to reside in the house, but it’s now used by the University of Auckland. Walk through the roses and take a seat on the bench by the lawn if you’re in the mood to be outside.

7. Queen’s Wharf

If you’d rather have a water view, Queen’s Wharf is a great spot. Although I used this as my ‘get away from my flatmates’ and my ‘contemplate life’ spot, it also makes a great reading spot (and there are plenty of benches to choose from).

8. Victoria Park

Another great park to read (or eat a burrito) in.

And those were the best reading spots I found in the 7-8 months I spent living in downtown Auckland. I’m sure there’s even more, but that's just another great excuse to go back!

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