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*The New Austin Vibe*

If you’re from Texas, you know the narrative around Austin. It’s where the hippies, weirdos, artists, and unconventional people live. It’s the art mecca of Texas, a shining blue liberal star in a sea of red. If you go to Austin, you want weird. You want artsy. BUT the vibe is changing, and it’s not what you think it is anymore. For example,

It’s Becoming More of A Tech Mecca

Let me just say, as someone who spent a year living in Austin- I really thought I was going to meet more artsy people. Instead I found myself scrolling through an endless sea of tech bros on Tinder. With Tesla's factory already there, it’s only going to worse and more expensive. Which is why…

A Lot of People Can’t Afford to Stay

I came across a listing for a ROOM in a house with SIX roommates listed for $1,500 a month. AND THEY WEREN’T JOKING. That’s also about the rate for a non-sketchy one bedroom apartment (if you’re lucky). So the new reality of Austin is that if you’re going to live there as a single person…

You’re Gonna Live With Roommates.

Which is cool if you like having roommates into your 30’s. But some of us don’t, which is how my search for an affordable apartment in Austin led me to New Braunfels instead. But even with the sky high price of living…

It’s Still Firmly on a Pedestal.

I’ve had friends say to me that the only place they’d want to visit in Texas is Austin. A lot people think about Austin as the only place in Texas worth visiting. And they’re SO wrong. As someone from the Houston area, I’ve gotta say it- we’ve got better food. And rent prices. However…

…Despite all that It’s Still Pretty Cool

Austin still has some of the best nature-y sites in Texas surrounding it. It’s also close to a lot and still does have a lot of fun artsy stuff. It’s still got its off-the-wall quirky vibe going- just now with a large splash of Tech bros, electric cars, and unaffordable living costs. What it’ll be like in a few years though? We’ll see.

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